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Given the low rates of return achievable on the market, investors are looking for additional benefits. At the same time, humanity faces enormous challenges that need urgent solutions on a global scale, as detailed within the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


Impact Investing aims to produce a positive social and/or environmental impact along with a return on investment. To date, there is no global initiative offering an adequate link between interested investors and entrepreneurs, combined with a knowledge base on the industry and impact measurement tools.


GIIVX is a global online platform which aims to connect impact investors with impact investment opportunities (entrepreneurs) meeting their investment requirements.


GIIVX provides

  • Industry Know How on the sector of impact investing (studies, articles, glossary, conferences, events, etc.)
  • Several service levels for investors (from interested investors to prime investors)
  • Information on impact investment opportunities including their correlation to the SDGs
  • Impact information and measurement
  • Networking possibilities and know how exchange between investors





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