In Austria ELK realised a 3-storey hotel as a Passive House, with 32 rooms and 1.600 m2  floor space. 



"Student Apartments “Chapel Street”

In Oxford, UK, ELK built two 4-storey buildings with 190 student apartments and 6.000 m2  floor space. 




Experienced – Efficient – Flexible


ELK is one of the largest manufacturers of timber buildings in Europe with more than 70.000 made over the last 45 years. We offer a wide variety of building styles for commercial, residential and educational use.


Working with ELK adds immediate sustainable and environmental building credentials to your project and simplifies the building process with integrated product solutions and a robust supply and delivery chain. Buildings are engineered to a very high quality and can be designed to suit different design layouts and can accommodate any external finish required.


Smooth process

Close cooperation with investors, developers, contractors and architects guarantees a smooth process from planning to manufacturing and through to assembling.



Our unique manufacturing system allows us to provide buildings that are cost efficient as well as energy efficient.



ELK has over 45 years of experience in the field of industrialised prefabricated construction, two large manufacturing facilities for timber walls, one log cabin factory as well as one factory for windows and doors. In 2014 ELK built 1,047 units of houses at an average of 4.65 houses per day, using 35,600 cubic meters of wood.



The very highest level of precision engineering and manufacturing enables minimal assembling time on the site. Using a totally dry construction method means no drying time is needed after construction, ELK buildings can be assembled all year round regardless of the weather. Every project is realised within a short time-frame, which guarantees a rapid return on investment (ROI). 


ELK has two large manufacturing facilities for timber walls, one lag cabin factory as well as one factory for windows and doors. 

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