China Council for Brand Development (CCBD) is the only national brand-related organization that has acquired permission from the State Council and approval from Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC and is under the direct administration of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC (hereinafter referred to as “AQSIQ”). Adopting the system of council, CCBD is a non-profit social organization constituted voluntarily by enterprises, public institutions, social groups and individuals that are relevant to brand development. Mr. LIU Pingjun, member of the national committee of CPPCC and former deputy director of AQSIQ, acts as the president of CCBD.    


CCBD is mainly engaged in brand theory study, formulation of international and national standards, publicity of brand evaluation, brand fostering consultation, professional and technician training, brand exhibition, international cooperation and exchange, etc.


CCBD has been focusing on brand evaluation, which is currently its important undertaking, in the principle of “To be scientific, impartial, transparent and admitted”. It also publishes “China Brand Evaluation Information” on Dec. 12th every year by cooperating with entities like CCTV to conduct annual summary and analysis on Chinese brands’ comprehensive connotation and value. Brand evaluation is an important action to generate positive energy for Chinese brands, improve their international influence and propel them to go global.    

As required by the development of international brand evaluation, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established a Technical Committee (ISO/TC 289 Brand Evaluation) in January, 2014 through the voting among ISO members and ISO/TMB in response to the joint proposal from China (SAC) and the U.S. (ANSI). The secretariat of ISO/TC 289 is in CCBD, which also hold the national mirror committee in China.


By now, ISO/TC 289 has held two plenary meetings in Beijing and London; and two Working Group ( ISO/TC 289/WG 1Brand evaluation process) meetings in Shenzhen and Vienna for the development of new international standard. SAC(China) and ASI(Austria) share the convenorship of ISO/TC 289/WG 1 to initiate the formulation of international standard Brand Evaluation-Fundamentals and Principles.  


CCBD is willing to cooperate with institutions of brand research, evaluation and management all over the world in multiple levels and aspects to promote brand development and build a better life. 

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