Gerhard Hrebicek

President, iconvienna Brand Global Summit


"Brands function as an essential asset especially in times of attention economics. Therefore, innovation and corporate branding becomes one of the biggest key factors in the digital communication society. iconvienna specializes on these latest trends and sets a benchmark with this years headline: "Innovation needs branding - Branding needs innovation"."



Karin Zipperer

General Manager, ASFINAG

“Our cities are fast growing communities with all sorts of needs and requirements. Therefore, we try to deeply explore our visions for transportation of the future – with a sharp focus on how it will impact quality of life, individual mobility, economics and chances. The challenge of our time as a modern motorway operator is to deal today with the question of our mobility of tomorrow. For us, this comprises factors like ecological sustainability and social responsibility. We have to rethink our idea of transportation in all ways to meet the standards of future mobility. Our part as a motorway operator is to connect infrastructures, raise driving comfort, provide traffic information in real time, to use sustainable technologies and of course enhance road safety. This is especially true for big cities where all needs like individual, economical and touristical requirements have to be met in spite of limited space.”

Bobby Calder

Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, USA

"Standards are the key really being able in the future to treat brands as intangible financial assets so that they may be fully taken into account in corporate governance and in transactions among companies as well as in investment decisions. And instead of managing marketing functions based on efficiency (such as the number of consumers reached by an advertising expenditure) brand value standards offer the opportunity to manage effectiveness- how effective the organization is in creating brand value as an intangible asset."

Veronika Ettinger

Marketing Manager BU Fertilizers, Borealis


“Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. In our business success in innovation shifts quickly from its traditional focus on molecule and product innovation to the profiling of new services combining product application knowhow and digital tools. Just as much as in B2C interactions, this trends opens opportunities and new ways of creating customer experience in upstream B2B environments.”

Silvia Angelo

Board Member, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG






Cecilia Sjöberg

Head of Industrial Technolgies, Vinnova Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems

Gerhard Schuller

CEO, ELK Fertighaus GmbH


„From my point of view brand management is not just a marketing topic. Nowadays brands are essential for customer´s decisions and therefore we have both to manage our brands ELK, Hanlo and Zenker according to the latest standards and benchmark the financial value of theses brands as other property assets too. I am looking forward to hear more about the latest news and trends on brand financial reporting.“



Edgar Baum

CEO & Chief Brand Economist, Strata Insights Inc.


"From frivolous to serious: how this thing called “brand” is actually going to drive enterprise value and financial performance. Defend, protect, and grow your  company by knowing how to invest into your brand in this intangible era."



Simone Hagenauer

Project Manager Cluster NÖ, ecoplus, Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH






Alois Steinbichler

CEO, Kommunalkredit Austria


"The environment for infrasturcture financing in Europe has changed drastically in recent yeas. This has resulted in a paradigm shift."

Bernhard Puttinger

Clustermanager Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH

“Up to the top - novel ideas and brands are rewarded - The Styrian R&D quota of 5.16% takes the top position among all European quotas, making Styria a perfect breeding ground for innovative technologies and new approaches in research. In particular the Styrian Green Tech companies in the Green Tech Cluster are known to belong to the world’s best. This business cluster continues to lead international rankings as # 1 hotspot for environmental technology and #1 in Cluster Management Excellence. The Green Tech Cluster organisation initiated 35 industrial innovation projects in 2017 (e.g. Austria’s largest innovation project in green energy in history), established more than 1,000 business contacts and fostered the growth of more than 200 companies to an annual average of 12%, is twice as fast as the global green tech markets.”


Brigitte Bach

Head of Energy Department, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH




Klaus Müllner

Chief Investment Officer, Summerlight Capital Partners

“Alternative Financing for Cluster/Lead Brands is pivotal for companies to take the next step of their growth journey either domestically, regional or globally and to exploit the full potential of the Brand. But a rich portfolio of brands may also support the growth of the economy and increase employment. SummerLight Capital Partners, as a manager of a Private Equity Fund exclusively focused on Consumer Companies and its Brand, is delighted to participate this year again at iconvienna, which is well-known and perfectly positioned for bringing people and companies from different countries and disciplines together to talk about Brands”.


Gerald Ganzger

Attorney & Managing Partner, Lansky, Ganzger + Partnerrechtsanwälte GmbH


“The protection of trademarks is an important issue for every company. Trademarks are a core value for companies, more and more companies have become aware of the value of trademarks. Registering a trademark is the easiest way to secure this value for the company. It’s a great honor for me to speak at the iconvienna Brand Global Summit and to promote the importance of protecting trademarks.”

Elisabeth Stampfl- Blaha

Managing Director, Austrian Standards International


Birte Holst Jørgensen

Senior Researcher, DTU Management Engineering


Michael Scherz

Chief Innovation Officer, Advantage Austria


Sonja Kato

Managing Director, unikato communications





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