young leaders dialogue 2016

Key facts

  •  Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2016, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna
  • Format: keynote speeches followed by a World Café
  • Topic: Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Participants: participation on a first come first served principle
  • Eligible participants: young entrepreneurs, young leaders and high potentials up to the age of 40
  • What is expected from participants: open-minded and active involvement
  • Your benefit in attending the conference: networking with like-minded young leaders and senior decision-makers (please see: iconvienna - conference programme).
  • Participation in the Young Leaders Dialogue is free of charge!

Our Partners


The European Youth Award (EYA) is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, social entrepreneurs and start-ups to produce digital projects with impact on society. It demonstrates their potential to create innovative solutions with Internet and Mobile technology addressing the goals defined by the Council of Europe and Europe 2020.


14.00 – 18.00 iconvienna young leaders dialogue


Exclusive dialogue with top speakers as well as a networking event for young professionals - Invitation only! The joint goal of iconvienna and youLEAD to bring young entrepreneurs, young leaders and high potentials from Europe together, facilitate exchange and develop joint views on issues of key relevance for the future.




14.00 Moderation

Michael Hamberger, Spokesman Experts Group Business Mediation,

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber



Gerhard Hrebicek, President iconvienna

Birgit Kolb, Chair youLEAD

Florian Saliger, Chair youLEAD


14.30 Impulse Statements


Georg Steinfelder, Paul Spiesberger-Höckner, Os

„Os are presenting their experiences as independent app developers and how they tackle social issues with gamification"


With our effort we try to give people an understanding in social issues and additionally show them a different point of view. Our tools are creativity and know how, our workshops are the internet and smartphones. Huge data catalogues or newsfeeds are valuable resources which help us to think outside the box.



Marina Wittner , Parliamentary Assistant European Parliament

"Europe has to support innovative ideas and evolve a new spirit of entrepreneurship in order to create an attractive hub for business and investment."



Gianluca Vitale, AVL List

"A sustainable vehicle development process for the mobility of the future"


Current OEMs are continuously struggling with margins due to the increased complexity of modern vehicle. This complexity is driven by the legislation and the globalization of all the companies. The current development within the OEMs is still heavily based or real testing, which cost intensive and time consuming. In the future the development of modern vehicles will rely massively on simulation technologies. My impulse statement of 15 min. will try to explain the challenges and the solution to make automotive business sustainable. 



Andreas Viehhauser, Buddy me

“Fake it until you make it: Why many platforms fake their user numbers, but real community still remains unbeaten“


A young start-up connects people and initiates activities on a regional level. “BuddyMe” gives not only the opportunity to try something new, but also to get to know new people. The start-up BuddyMe represents a social network, where the focus is not on profiles and posts, but on activities. Contrary to the trend of spending more and more time online, BuddyMe allows you to be active, even if you go offline. The start-up won the EYA-Award 2014 for connecting cultures as well as the i2 Business Plan Award.


15.30 Coffee Break


16.00 Speed Networking


16.30 youLEAD World Café Young Leaders 


17.30 Wrap-up



Dear Young Entrepreneurs, Young Leaders and High Potentials,


The future is in our hands – let’s shape it together!


We would like to introduce you to an exciting opportunity to join a community of other like-minded young leaders and attend an event focusing on the future.


The President of iconvienna and we, as the chairs of the Young Leaders Dialogue (youLEAD) have great pleasure inviting you to attend the iconvienna youLEAD dialogue. True to the motto of iconvienna “make contacts to contracts”, it is our joint goal to bring young entrepreneurs, young leaders and high potentials from Central and Eastern Europe together, facilitate exchange and develop joint views on issues of key relevance for the future.


In line with the topic of the 12th iconvienna conference “International Summit on Innovative Entrepreneurship” that will convene in Vienna from 20 – 22 of April 2016, we would like to bring young leaders together and jointly discuss on innovative entrepreneurship, alternative financing, digitalisation. We want to exchange views, analyse the relevant requirements and discuss our findings with leading decision-makers. The findings will be discussed throughout the conference.


We look forward to welcoming you to the third youLEAD dialogue and the iconvienna 2016.


Best regards


DI (FH) Florian Saliger       Birgit Kolb                     KR DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA

youLEAD Chair                   youLEAD Chair             President iconvienna


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