"Innovation Needs Branding - Branding Needs Innovation" was the motto for the participants of the Brand Global Summit 2018

Certified Brand, Elk, Finanzfuchs, European Brand Institute, Gerhard Schuller, Chrsitian Mattasits, Gerhard Hrebicek
Gerhard Schuller, Christian Mattasits, Gerhard Hrebicek (c) Katharina Schiffl

The Brand Global Summit on April 19th, 2018 was dedicated to branding and innovation and offered "the opportunity to exchange experiences on the topic of brands, to learn from success models and to have interesting discussions", said European Brand Institute President Gerhard Hrebicek. So Top decision-makers from politics, business, science, international organizations and diplomacy as well as representatives of regions from more than 44 countries met to exchange experiences and join the exclusive networking in Vienna. Sonja Kato led throughout the day.

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Jürgen Roth, Martin Eichtinger, Gerhard Hrebicek, Stefan Krenn (c) Katharina Schiffl

In several keynote speeches and panel discussions, domestic experts and representatives of international organizations discussed (European) brand competitiveness in a global context, economic opportunities through investment in branding and innovation, and the development and commercialization of competence clusters as a formula for growth. "Successful innovators know their strengths and know how to highlight them. Novomatic has been revolutionizing the gaming industry with constant innovation since 1980 and is now Europe's leading and one of the world's largest gaming technology companies, a unique innovation power at the heart of the global Novomatic brand." said Novomatic General Secretary and Head of Group Marketing Stefan Krenn.

iconvienna, Brand Global Summit - Cocktail Reception
(c) Harald Klemm/ DIPLOMATICA.uno

Guests sighted at the Brand Global Summit 2018:

LR NÖ Martin Eichtinger; Jürgen Roth (Vizepräsident WKO); Stefan Krenn (Novomatic); Edgar Baum (Strata Insights); Marion Kalteis (ÖBB Werbung); Irina Ivashkovskaya (Higher School of Economics Moscow); H.E. Lourdes Victoria-Kruse (Ambassador Dominican Republic); H.E. Victor A. Veltzé Michel (Ambassador Bolivia); H.E. Rafael Mariano Grossi (Ambassador Argentina); H.E. Pilar Saborio de Rocafort (Ambassador Costa Rica); H.E. Juan A. Fernandez Palacios (Ambassador Cuba); H.E. Tebongo Seokolo (Ambassador South Africa); Diego Masera (Head of LAC UNIDO); Maria Rauch-Kallat (BM a.D.); Kristin Hanusch-Linser (Hanusch-Linser Management GmbH); Silvia Angelo, (Boardmember ÖBB Infra); Karin Zipperer (CTO ASFINAG); Heidemarie Kipperer (Managing director myWorld Austria); Silvia Kelemen (Head of Public Relations, myWorld); Christian Mattasits (Managing director, Finanzfuchsgruppe); Gerhard Schuller (CEO ELK); Bobby Calder (Kellstadt Professor Kellogg Business School); Gerald Ganzger (Attorney);

The kick-off event on April 18, the Brand Global Council & iconvienna Brand Global Summit Reception, responded to the theme of branding through international brand statements and brand certification.

Highlight of the evening was the certification of the first Certified Brands worldwide, based on the ISO standard 20671, to ELK, Hanlo, Zenker and the Finanzfuchsgruppe by Gerhard Hrebicek, President European Brand Institute, together with Bobby Calder, Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Carlos Chanduvi, UNIDO and Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, Director Austrian Standards International.

iconvienna Brand Global Summit 2018, cashback world, European Brand Institute
(c) Katharina Schiffl

LR NÖ Martin Eichtinger opened the conference with insights into the strategy and implementation of the successful model of the exemplary region of Lower Austria. US Marketing Prof. Bobby Calder gave insights into the latest developments around brand, attention economy and brand loyalty.

iconvienna, Brand Global Summit, European Brand Institute, Zeevan, Kommunalkredit, Strata insights
Chien-Hao Hsu, Edgar Baum, Alois Steinbichler (c) Katharina Schiffl

On the evening of April 19th, the Cocktail Reception took place at the invitation of Mayor Michael Häupl in the Vienna Rathauskeller. Together with Gerhard Hrebicek, LAbg. Tanja Wehsely and BM a.D. Maria Rauch-Kallat welcomed the international guests.

Rafael Mariano Grossi, Ambassador of Argentina, impressively presented current and future business opportunities in Latin America.

Afterwards the participants were invited by our Latin American host countries Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua on a special culinary and cultural journey. With live music by the Ensemble Spirituosi and tastings of regional specialties such as wine, rum, coffee and cigars, they created a unique atmospheric and international flair.


In the new ambience of the Rathauskeller, our partner countries of the Latin American and Caribbean countries yet again  helped the event to an unforgettable ending.

iconvienna, Brand Global Summit, Tanja Wehsely, Stadt Wien, Rafael Mariano Grossi, Gerhard Hrebicek, Rathauskeller,European Brand Institute
Gerhard Hrebicek, Tanja Wehsely, Rafael Mariano Grossi (c) Gregor Turecek

Marcus Mayer (Head of Communications, Kommunalkredit Austria); Elisabeth Schrenk (Falkensteiner Hotels); Walter Weilinger (Managing director HBM); Designer Brigitte Just; LT-Abg. Tanja Wehsely (City of Vienna); PR-Lady Sandra Soravia-Lepuschitz; Lisa Cichocki (Communication Manager IST Austria); Markus Scheck (CR perfect eagle);...

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