Wilhelm Molterer
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Michael Hannesschläger
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Business Opportunities Latin America and the Caribbean
Business Opportunities in Latin America
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Michael Peneder
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Alois Steinbichler
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Carlos Chanduvi
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Monika Poeckh-Racek
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Michael Otter
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Gerald Ganzger
Gerald Ganzger, Lansky Ganzger und Partn
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Klaus Heidinger
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Edgar Baum, Advisory Council Member Marketing Accountability Standards Board

Edgar Baum

Advisory Council Member Marketing Accountability Standards Board

Monika Bednarik-Belan, Industry and Internationalization Guaranties Austria Wirtschaftsservice

Monika Bednarik-Belan

Industry and Internationalization Guaranties Austria Wirtschaftsservice


"Stepping across the border creates new chances, whether in the sales market or in the supplier- respectively in the component market. Studies show, that internationally active companies have always remained more stable than others – even during periods of economic crisis. The objective of aws as a Promotional Bank is to enable scheduled financing on one hand and to cover economic risks connected with a foreign direct investment on the other hand."

Bobby Calder, Kellogg School of Management


Bobby J. Calder

Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL USA


"Standards are the key really being able in the future to treat brands as intangible financial assets so that they may be fully taken into account in corporate governance and in transactions among companies as well as in investment decisions. And instead of managing marketing functions based on efficiency (such as the number of consumers reached by an advertising expenditure) brand value standards offer the opportunity to manage effectiveness- how effective the organization is in creating brand value as an intangible asset."



Carlos Chanduvi, Head of Latin America and the Caribbean Division UNIDO


Carlos Chanduvi

Head of Latin America and the Caribbean Division, UNIDO


„In the pursue of economies of scales and scope to succeed in international markets, SMEs seek collaboration and clustering mechanisms among their branches. Intellectual Properties issues and an efficient brand management have become increasingly relevant  to secure an efficient coopetition.  How SMEs can benefit from using international IP system in their marketing, sales and brand activities to promote innovation and competiveness?” 


Kari Aina Eik, Secretary General, Organization for International Economic relations


Kari Aina Eik

Secretary General, Organization for International Economic Relations



"The brand Smart Cities is being interpreted and used in various ways. Is it possible to develop a standard relevant for all cites? How can Smart City branded cities support less advanced cities to become smarter, and how do we measure further progress and advanced impact of cities becoming both smarter and more sustainable?"


Gerald Ganzger, Lansky Ganzger und Partner


Gerald Ganzger

Partner, Lansky Ganzger und Partner


 „Introducing brands into the market is a great chance for SMEs to attract customers to their goods and products. But introducing brands into the market is only the first part. Just as important as the introducing is the legal protection of the brand and the legal extension of the brand according to the development of the brand and the market.”


Michael Hannesschläger, Managing Director Energiepark Bruck an der Leitha

Michael Hannesschläger

Managing Director, Energiepark Bruck an der Leitha


"The expansion of renewable energy systems is a key factor in achieving national, European and global climate targets – because the climate (change) knows no boundaries.

Therefore it is all the more important that SMEs - like Energiepark Bruck Leitha  - have access to financing options at the European level via the Juncker Plan.

So we want to motivate other Austrian SMEs either to make use of these financing opportunities thanks to our positive experience in the co-financing of wind farm projects with the EIB (EFSI-Fund / Junckerplan)." 

Klaus Heidinger, Head of CITA Global Centre of Competence Cities, Siemens

Klaus Heidinger

Head of CITA Global Centre of Competence Cities, Siemens


"In modernen Großstädten gewinnt die Suche nach neuen Möglichkeiten des Umweltschutzes zunehmend an Bedeutung. Dank des City Performance Tools (CyPT) von Siemens können die Entscheider in den Stadtverwaltungen die Technologien mit einem maximalen ökologischen und ökonomischen Nutzen für ihre Stadt auswählen. Das CyPT greift auf exklusive Daten von Siemens zu mehr als 70 Transport-, Gebäude- und Energietechnologien zurück, um detaillierte Einblicke in mögliche Verbesserungen der CO2-Bilanz und Luftqualität zu liefern. Darüber hinaus zeigt es, wo in einer Stadt durch die neuen Technologien Arbeitsplätze entstehen können"


Klemens Himpele, MA 23


Klemens Himpele

Head of Municipal Department 23 - Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics


"Technological change as well as social and cultural progress have always started in cities. Cities are the engines of economic growth and therefore of wealth. Nevertheless, our economic model poses serious challenges to our environmental and social well-being. Therefore, our cities have to become smarter in order to be innovative and liveable at the same time. Although Vienna has not found the philosopher’s stone, many studies, rankings and reports suggest that the Austrian capital is on the right path to achieving this goal."

Anna Maria Hochhauser, Secretary General Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


Anna Maria Hochhauser

Secretary General, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber




Gerhard Hrebicek, President iconvienna, President European Brand Institute

Gerhard Hrebicek

Chairman, European Brand Institute


Gemäß dem diesjährigen Konferenzschwerpunkt „Brand together“, stehen heuer „Marke und Intellectual Property“ im Mittelpunkt. Am Vortag der iconvienna, dem “World Intellectual Property Day”, findet das Initial Meeting des „Brand Global Council for Value and Sustainability“ statt. Daher wird das diesjährige Forum zum Brand Forum, mit der Möglichkeit Erfahrungen zum Thema Marke auszutauschen und interessante Diskussionen zu führen.


Wir wollen Bewusstsein schaffen und sowohl den geschäftlichen als auch den gesellschaftlichen Wert der Marken demonstrieren. Marken sind auch ein Instrument für die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung von kleineren und mittelständischen Unternehmen und Organisationen, Städten und Destinationen sowie wirtschaftlich unterentwickelten Regionen. In diesen neuen Märkten mit einer wachsenden Mittelschicht wird der Wert der Marken weiter wachsen, damit werden Marken eine wichtige Rolle bei der wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung dieser Regionen spielen.

Nuo Huo, Deputy Editor in Chief China City News

Nuo Huo

Deputy Editor in Chief China City News

China’s New-style Urbanization Construction

Cities in China have rapidly increased in both scale and amount following the initiation of the reform and opening policy. Meanwhile China’s urbanization ratio has raised from 17.92% in 1978 to 57.35% in 2016, almost an increase by 2.2 times. The UN Report points out that China is experiencing the rapidest urbanization in the world, “China alone has 25 percent of the cities with at least half a million inhabitants.”

Since 2014, China’s urbanization has entered a new stage through successively putting forward the construction of pilot cities (towns) for new-style urbanization, urban agglomeration, characteristic towns, central cities.

Julian Jäger, Board Member Flughafen Wien AG


Julian Jäger

Board Member, Flughafen Wien AG


„To remain competitive in an increasingly globalized world means to think internationally, to learn from each other and to adopt strategies.

In this context, aviation plays a major role in connecting people and cultures and enabling access to new markets all over the world.”

Johannes Jarolim, Austrian-Chinese Legal Society

Johannes Jarolim

President Austrian-Chinese Legal Society


 "The availability of a qualified workforce  is one of the key factors when it comes to choosing a new branch office or regional HQ for international corporations. Austria is well known for its well-educated population, its excellent universities and its high-class science and research landscape. Furthermore social peace and cohesion as a longstanding trademark of Austrian society coincide with  a high level of social and multicultural skills as quintessential national characteristics. All these factors have decisively contributed to Austria's past success story, politically as much as economically. BUT: This is not the time to rest on our laurels. We must work hard to remain  a successful business location and not to fall behind major international competitors. Our podium will deal with the manifold challenges in this context."  

Sonja Kato, Managing Director unikato communications


Sonja Kato

Managing Director, unikato communications


Reinhard König, Senior Scientist Smart Cities and Regions AIT Center for Energy


Reinhard König

Senior Scientist Smart Cities and Regions, AIT Center for Energy


“Thanks to Design Space Exploration, we are developing digital models that provide an important basis to arrive at fast compromise solutions for complex urban planning issues.”


Stefan Linsinger, CEO , Linsinger ZT


Stefan Linsinger

CEO , Linsinger ZT 



Innovation and research is the most important foundation of our company. Our know-how and careful handling with our technique of surveying has made us european leader in our field of business. 

Thomas Lutzky,  Managing Director, Phoenix Contact

Thomas Lutzky

Managing Director, Phoenix Contact


"We want Phoenix Contact to become the most trusted brand in our industry. Together with customers we globally design solutions for the future using trend-setting connection and automation technology. Wherever they are needed – in transportation infrastructure, E-Mobility, for clean water, regenerative energies and intelligent supply networks, or energy-efficient machine building and systems manufacturing. With almost 100 years of experience in the fields of machine building and automation, we are working on tomorrow's intelligent production today."

Wilhelm Molterer, Director European Fund for Strategic Investments


Wilhelm Molterer

Managing Director, European Fund for Strategic Investments


"With the investment plan for Europe, the EU has launched an initiative to strengthen the economy and deliver added value. After all, only a competitive, prosperous Europe with plentiful jobs will convince European citizens – but also our global partners – to turn back towards the European model for success."


Michael Otter, Deputy Head of Foreign Trade Department Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


Michael Otter

Deputy Head of Foreign Trade Department, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


"AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA is starting to connect Austrian companies to the worldwide innovation hotspots by establishing 25 of its offices worldwide as InnovationCenter."


Michael Peneder, Austrian Institute of Economic Research


Michael Peneder

Economist, Austrian Institute of Economic Research


European Competitiveness faces a double dilemma: struggling to keep pace with higher productivity growth in the USA while emerging countries are increasingly catching-up. Europe also faces a triple challenge (at least) of popular fears, that concern de-industrialization, globalization and digitalisation. It must develop and grow along these challenges but not waste its talents and resources in a race against them. 

Monika Poeckh-Racek, CSR Novomatic AG


Monika Poeckh-Racek

CEO, ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG


 „CSR performance drives brand strength!

Consumers have become more aware about CSR and sustainability performance. So I strongly believe that there is a causal relationship between brand strength and sustainability. In consequence a company that seeks to do well in one area should consider also investing in the other.“

Alois Steinbichler, CEO Kommunalkredit Austria


Alois Steinbichler

CEO, Kommunalkredit Austria



“The environment for infrastructure financing in Europe has changed drastically in recent years. This has resulted in a paradigm shift.”



Tanja Wehsely, Chair Economic Development Forum - Eurocities

Tanja Wehsely

Chair Economic Development Forum - Eurocities


"Population growth, climate change and the aftermath of the global economic crisis: Today European metropolises like Vienna are facing huge challenges that can only be met by investing in our cities and their citizens. However, European budget regulations are currently impeding us from doing this. Therefore, we/I demand a “Golden Investment Rule” for the EU which permits excluding necessary investments from the strict deficit limits in order to make our cities fit for the future." 


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