The European Business & Investment Forum iconvienna Brand Global Summit is an exclusive Business & Networking Event presented by the European Brand Institute promoting business contacts between Austrian and international companies and encouraging project and investment business.


iconvienna is an organization, which aims to promote business contacts between Austrian and international companies and regions in the CEE countries. Annually in April, the European Business and Investment Forum iconvienna invites to an active dialogue and personal networking.


Following the motto "Make Contacts to Contracts" top-level national and international decision makers from politics and economy, international experts and representatives of regions meet at the forum. We deliver value to participants and partners through personal contacts with executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, project partners, as well as concrete business opportunities at the forum. Iconvienna Brand Global Summit allows company representatives and decision makers to present projects in exclusive circles and specifically to establish contacts with export markets.



We develop the most recognized European platform for business and economics.


Platform & Target Groups

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Conference Language - EN


Expert Panels

During the day, national and international experts present and discuss contemporary key issues that are vital to Europe’s integration and sustainable development.


Region Presentation at the Opening of iconvienna

The Opening Night at the Vienna City Hall is an excellent occasion for easy initial contacts and thus promote networking and know how exchange, offering delegations of regions the opportunity to introduce themselves to potential business partners, investors and decision makers.


Project Exhibition

Enterprises and regions present best practice projects and opportunities. This is an excellent chance to network, attract investors and to acquire new business partners.


High Ranking Participants

CEOs, entrepreneurs, top politicians, representatives of regions, international organisations and science meet at the iconvienna forum. Including side events, participants from approximately 40 different countries join each forum.


Vision & Mission

iconvienna - Vision & Mission


Respect and Confidence

Our cooperation bases on reliability, veracity, transparency and open communication. We respect the cultural and social usage and differences of the countries in and with which we are working.



Professional competence, innovation, quick decisions and flexibility affect our work and the work of our partners.


Customer Focus

We and our partners concentrate on the individual requirements of our customers and provide efficient and effective support to strengthen your competitive position and productivity.


Corporate Responsibility

Through responsible exposure to the resources of our customers, as well as the adoption of our employees and partners talents we create long-ranging cooperations.


iconvienna - the appealing platform in the centre of Europe for the effective promotion of economic and social integration in Europe.



iconvienna offers an appealing, promoting and effective environment including the features of the city of Vienna such as:

  • Vienna as a secure hub for the international Project-Businesses for political and economical representatives.
  • a mix of new and effective business and social events for regions and companies including amongst others exhibitions, presentations, lounges, contact areas, panel discussions and keynote speaches, dinners and receptions, as well as
  • cooperations with public institutions, business incorporations, media and business partners from the East and West


iconvienna emblazes the background for a successful integration between East and West, especially

  • the actual economic development within the East and the West
  • regional "Priority"-Projects
  • Best Practice experiences of regions and companies, as well as
  • environmental, resource and financial questions


iconvienna provides an effective and efficient contact platform between East and West, in which

  • targeted contacts to experts and decision makers can be established,
  • the attractive side events offer an ideal atmosphere to
  • establish a cooperation network including targeted contacts to business partners,
  • the international business network can be of use year-round and
  • equity financing, growth capital and advancing across partners can be provided.
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Facts and Figures

iconvienna - Dr. Michael Häupl - KR Dr. René Alfons Haiden - KR DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA - Make Contacts to Contracts

Patronage:             Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor and  

Regional Governor of Vienna

Chairman of the
Advisory Board:
     KR Dr. René Alfons Haiden

President:               KR DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA

Foundation:            2004

First Forum:            2005

Target Groups:     National and international Top

Decision-Makers from international Organisations, Politics,  Economy, Science and Media Representatives of Regions from Russia, Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America


Motto:                    Make Contacts to Contracts

Participants since 2005: around 9.000

Countries of origin since 2005: Participants from 80 countries

Speakers since 2005: around 650

Previous Focus Areas:

  • Brand together (2017)
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship (2016)
  • East-West Summit on Regional Cooperation through Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2015)
  • East-West Summit on Innovation and Smart Cities (2014)
  • East-West Summit on Innovation and Infrastructure (2013)
  • East-West Summit on Innovations for Growth in the Danube Region (2012)
  • East-West Summit on Innovation and Sustainability (2011)
  • East-West Summit on Energy and Sustainability (2010)
  • East-West Summit: New opportunities through East-West Cooperation (2009)
  • Challenge Russia - Europe-Russia: New Opportunities (2008)
  • Future Investments for Europe (2007)
  • Sustainable Solutions for the Information Society (2006)
  • Information and Consulting (2005)

Previous Key Topics:


  • Future cities as hubs for growth
  • International opportunities through investments in innovation and brands – on the occasion of World IP Day
  • European Competitiveness in the global context
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Financial services, project financing and PPP
  • Growing up an economy for innovations
  • Industrial, building and construction opportunities,  investments for tourism and sports
  • IT-Public Sector/Industries
  • Regional development and investments
  • Energy efficiency and environmental technology
  • Smart Cities & Regions 2020
  • Innovation & Technology
  • International Finance & Projects
  • Branding & Europe
  • Energy & Infrastrucure


Previous Guest Regions:

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Ivanovo, Russia
  • Miskolc, Hungary
  • Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Novgorod, Russia
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • South Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Diplomatic Corps for Latin America and Caribbean
  • China


Sprecher iconvienna 2017 - Baum, Bednarek-Belan, Calder, Chanduvi, Eik, Ganzger, Hannesschläger, Heidinger, Himpele, Hochhauser, Huo, Jäger, Jarolim, Kato, König, Linsinger, Lutzky, Molterer, Otter, Peneder, Poeckh-Racek, Steinbichler, Wehsely
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iconvienna 2017 - April 26-27, 2017

The 13th European Business and Investment Forum

 “Brand together”

Presented by

in cooperation with